It’s not about us.

Wild Oaks is a small, independent firm. We help to build and transform companies and organizations to generate a positive impact for our planet and society. Depending on the challenge, we take on different roles, from advisor or mentor to project manager or co-founder. Instead of aiming to build ‘unicorns’, we are convinced of the compound impact of many ‘small giants’ that set a much more meaningful example.

It’s about principles.

We believe the economy should serve society and, in turn, society must serve our precious planet – and not the other way around. Working from within the system, we want to transform the system. To flip the equation, we need businesses and organizations driven by completely different principles.

Impact First

Success is meaningless if you’re not doing the right thing.
Depending on your sector, organization and resources, there’s often different ‘right things’ to do. That being said, major global challenges such as ecosystem regeneration and poverty or inequality reduction should always be on the top of your list.

Honest marketing

Only sell what people actually need and always tell the truth.
Do not create products or services just for the sake of earning money. Dare to target higher human needs, remember that a lot of them are immaterial and currently untapped. Never lie or hide things.

Good design

Make beautiful things that last at least a lifetime.
Design things that work, feel and look elegant. Make them reusable, repairable and recyclable. Use high-tech when you must, low-tech when you can. Do more with less. Remember that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Collective ownership

Build a community by treating others as real people.
A community is not a social media campaign or pop-up event. Trust and loyalty require opening up and sharing. If you want to have strong teams, ambassadors and goodwill, make your people co-create, co-vote, and co-owners.

Fair profits

There’s nothing wrong with profit when it’s truly earned.
Profit is constructive for new investments and to fairly compensate for efforts and risks. Profit becomes destructive, however, when it forgets to consider all costs, doesn’t lead to reserves, or ends up too far separated from the people that created it.
We strive to apply these principles across all our projects and we select our engagements based on the potential for impact, not the potential for growth. We do not pretend to have all the answers. Instead, we first focus on asking the right questions.

Are you an entrepreneur, leader or investor with a project that truly matters? Have a look at how we can work together to make a difference.


I am Jan M. Willems, founder of Wild Oaks. After working on startup and innovation projects across very different industries, this is the place where I unite my skills, knowledge and powerful network to help build a better future. This is not about me or us, but about what we can achieve together: to push the human race beyond today’s limiting and destructive consumerist society.