Nicolas Maigret, Baruch Gottlieb & Maria Roszkowska – Disnovation

You are the founders and core members of DISNOVATION.ORG. Set up in Paris in 2012, it is a collective that bridges the fields of art, research and technology. You develop artistic provocations to help post-growth thinking take off in our society. Particularly, you challenge the dominant paradigm that technological development necessarily leads to human progress. … Read more

Deirdre McCloskey

You are a distinguished economic historian. By studying history, you are part of a rare breed of economists that can claim to work with real-world evidence. As such, you help us distinguish fact from fiction and think critically about cause and effect. For instance, you remind us that greed or the accumulation of wealth has … Read more

Tomas Sedlacek

You are the author of ‘Economics of Good and Evil’, one of the most existential works on economics of our era. In fact, it is about ‘meta-economics’, asking fundamental questions such as ‘What is economics?’ and ‘Who is it for?’. Traditional textbooks define economics as the optimal allocation of limited resources to maximize something called … Read more